Creative Gardening For Commercial Spaces and Schools


For Business

Outdoor space around a business can say as much about a Companies values as any marketing campaign can do. Often it’s the first impression that clients will get as they arrive at the office. Often when a building is not very aesthetically pleasing a planting scheme can really change the way that it feels, drawing the attention and focus of the visitor to its surrounding environment rather than the unsightly building.

We offer creative and environmentally sustainable planting schemes that can really help sell a company to its clients.

For Schools

Creating an outdoor learning environment for children we think is as important as the subjects taught in the confines of the classroom themselves. An area to grow vegetables and fruit is a valuable life lesson for children, along with wildlife areas that can be a habitat for birds and mammals to thrive in. Composting areas can teach children the importance of recycling and looking after the health of the soil we grow our crops in.

Contact us to talk about setting up an outdoor learning environment.

Commercial Maintenance

We maintain outdoor public spaces with the same level of skill and professional knowledgeThat we use for our domestic clients.We invest in only the best quality machinery to enable us to get jobs done effectively and reliably.We apply professional standards to all that we do and adhere to health and safety good practice.

Risk assessment will be written and copies made available for the clients reference.